Message from the King

Of those who can throw a stone there are many, but of those who can craft that unfinished rock into beauty... there are few
King Reginold the 3rd

What is StoneRow?

StoneRow is a medieval-themed card game designed for two to four players. The objective is to accumulate points and become the player with the most points at the end of the final round in order to be declared the winner. Sounds easy right?

With a tight deadline and plenty of opportunities for other players to make trouble, you never can tell what will happen. You’ll need to use some strategy and possibly a bit of mischief if you want to keep on top!

The rules are designed to provide flexibility depending on your preference for game type and length. So, you can sit down for a quick 5 to 10 minutes of enjoyment or dig in for a full tournament of fun!

Easy to play

StoneRow’s easy-to-learn rule set means you can be playing and winning in just a few short minutes.

Designed for all ages

StoneRow is designed for ages Squire(12) to Elder(99+)

Replay me

StoneRow has different gameplay options for hours of replay-ability.

Easy on the eyes

StoneRow’s beautiful custom art adds a sense of whimsical fun.

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About Us

The Games

StoneRow Games is the brainchild of Chris and Amy Allworden. They wake up every morning in the icier parts of the American Midwest where the long winters lead to long evenings that are perfect for playing games.

The Art

Annika Brandow has lent her amazing style of art to StoneRow and we are thrilled to have worked with her. She has added to the world of the game with her fun and engaging style.

You can visit her website here,

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