Grinding Gears Rules

These rules are an addition to the Base Game Rules. Please review those and make yourself familiar with them before reading the Grinding Gears Rules.

To play the Grinding Gears expansion add-on you will use the Base Deck of StoneRow cards plus the additional Grinding Gears cards as follows:

  • 63 number cards and Guild cards
  • 3 Highwayman
  • 3 Mason
  • 2 GoldDigger
  • 2 Displacer
  • 1 Foreman

The rules of play for Grinding Gears are the same as the Base Game except where as follows:

  • The Displacer and Golddigger cards are to be shuffled into the deck with all the other StoneRow cards, and if drawn they can be played during the action phase of your turn.
  • Displacer– Choose one of these two actions.
    • Place near the players StoneRows for the remaining duration of the game and it will act as a “deflector” to repel all Hammers.
    • Play during game when any opponent attempts to lay down a Hammer in order to “attract” the Hammer. The Hammer then becomes that player’s to use later and will be added to their hand. The Displacer is then discarded. (No points are broken.)
  • GoldDigger– Choose one of these two options. *Once played, GoldDigger should be placed near the Keystone.
    • Pick the top three cards from the Quarry (draw pile) and add them to your hand.
    • Sift through the Brickyard (discard pile) to choose up to three cards and add them to your hand.
  • Mason– In addition to the Mason’s abilities in the Base Game Rules, the Mason can now also Mortar a card to an adjacent player’s StoneRow.
    • The opponent will keep the same number of points but the player using the Mason will have added points. ex; If the opponent had two 9’s they will continue to have 18 points. The player using the Mason to add on an extra 9 will now have 30 points.
    • If stolen by a Highwayman or broken by a Hammer, all cards that have been mortared together are affected as a group. Taking points from both players.