Official Rules

StoneRow Official Base Game Rules.

To play StoneRow you will use the Base Deck of StoneRow cards as follows:

  • 63 number cards and Guild cards
  • 2 Highwayman
  • 1 Mason
  • 1 Foreman

The Object

Build StoneRows by playing Sets and Runs from your hand while stealing or breaking your opponents’. Player with the most points for having the biggest and best StoneRows at the end of the game wins.

The Deal

  • Separate Tower cards and lay them facedown in order from base to flag near the dealer.
  • Shuffle deck and deal to each player as follows:

2 players = 8 cards; 3 players = 7 cards; 4 players = 6 cards.

  • Place remaining cards facedown in center of table as the Quarry (draw pile).
  • Reveal top card of Quarry and place where all can see. This is the Keystone which determines which card-type is the Hammer for this game. (See Actions below.)
  • Place the next card from the Quarry faceup to form the Brickyard (discard pile).
  • If any player was dealt the Foreman card or draws it during the game, immediately call “Overtime!”, lay it near the Tower cards, and take a replacement card.

The Rounds

Play begins to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise for 5 rounds (play an extra 6th round if the Foreman is ever drawn).

Each round consists of one turn per player, ending with the dealer. At the beginning of play the dealer flips over the first Tower card. Turn the next Towercard faceup after each of the dealer’s turns. The game concludes at the end of the dealers turn once the 5th or 6th round has been played.

The Play

On your turn, draw a card from the Quarry or Brickyard. Then choose one Action as follows:

1. Build a StoneRow.(Play a Set or Run as described in the next section).

2. Play a Hammer (a card that matches the number or name of the Keystone).

  • Place on an opponent’s StoneRow to break it (nullify the points).
  • Use as part of a StoneRow (Set or Run).

3. Play a Highwayman or Mason.

  • Place the Highwayman on an opponent’s StoneRow and move it in front of you to steal that StoneRow. Broken StoneRows do NOT count for points unless repaired with the Mason.
  • Place the Mason on your broken StoneRow to repair it (regain the points).
  • Use the Mason to Mortar an additional card to an existing StoneRow (expand Set or Run)

4. Discard into the Brickyard.

  • It may sometimes benefit you to discard even if you have cards to play.

The StoneRows

Sets (matching numbers or Character names):

Pairs of Numbers = Face value (e.g. Pair of twos are 4 points)

Pairs of Characters = 20pts.

Three of a Kind = 30pts.

Four of a Kind = 40pts.

Runs (same color in numerical order, Character cards continue from “9” in this order: Apprentice, Surveyor, Architect, Guild Master.):

Run of Three = 30pts.
Run of Four = 40pts.
Run of Five = 50pts.

The Win

Player with the most points from completed StoneRows at the end of the last round wins.