News & Updates for StoneRow

Coulee Con 2019

We had a great time meeting new people and playing games at Coulee Con. It was a fun event and we’re looking forward to finishing out our summer event schedule […]

Coulee Con

Hey everybody! Chris and I are getting ready for Coulee Con in LaCrosse this Saturday. Are you coming? You’ll have a chance to talk with us about StoneRow, learn the game […]

Port Fun Fest

We had a fabulous time at the Port Fun Fest on Saturday. Thank you to the event coordinators and everyone who helped make this a success. The StoneRow team especially enjoyed the […]

Join Us At Celebrate Plover!

We are halfway to the weekend and looking for some good news after days of storm clean up. I hope you all made it through without too much damage. As […]

Having Fun at Arbor Creek

Thanks to the efforts of a friend and enthusiastic fan of our game, Chris and I found ourselves teaching StoneRow to seven residents of Arbor Creek apartments this week. We […]

The Game Designer Workshop part 2

Thank you to¬†McMillan Memorial Library and Amanda Waddington for inviting us to speak at the Game Design Workshop with fellow designer Anna Poulakos. We had a lot of fun sharing […]

Game Designer Workshop

Do you have an idea for a great new game? When Chris and I started to develop StoneRow we didn’t know that we would end up creating something other people […]

We’re on DriveThruCards !

Hello everyone!! I hope you’ve all had a good week and are ready to kick back and celebrate with a fabulous weekend. Chris and I are working hard to get […]

#FindFloFriday Finale

Hello, all you wonderful people!! Today is our last #FindFloFriday of the season! Summer means warm weather, sunny beaches, and outdoor adventures. So, #FindFlo will be taking a hiatus for a few months, but […]

Sound Effects With Chad

As we get closer to our launch, I have some exciting news to share with you all. Chad Canfield stopped by to include our family in some of the tracks […]