News & Updates for StoneRow

Grinding Gears Video is Here!

It’s here, it’s here!! Chris and I have put together a video to help explain those new Grinding Gears rules. With a few extra cards, the Grinding Gears add-on takes the StoneRow Base game and turns up the fun. The add-on also includes an extra tower and rules for TeamPlay. Chris and I will be […]

TeslaCon 2019

Chris and I had a phenomenal time at TeslaCon. We’d like to thank the Steampunk community for taking us under their wings and showing us the ropes… and the pulleys… and the clocks. Your creativity is inspiring and we hope to come again next year. To all our new friends and fans joining StoneRow, Welcome! […]

#GrindingGears Winners!

I just announced the winners of our two Grinding Gears Edition add-on packs through our Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us through liking/sharing/commenting or even just sending out those good vibes! We received some copies of the new cards and they look terrific. I hope you’re all going to […]

You Could Win !!

Hello StoneRow family! I can finally announce that our newest additions to the game have arrived! We’re calling this expansion our Grinding Gears Edition in honor of our upcoming appearance at TeslaCon 10: Murder on the Orient Express Because it’s us, and because we love turning everything into a game, we’ve decided to make the reveal […]

Extra Life Tabletop Event

Chris and I will be playing StoneRow at Galaxy Comics and Games in Stevens Point this Sunday. Playing StoneRow is fun and playing it for a good cause makes it even better. Stop by and join us!

Coulee Con 2019

We had a great time meeting new people and playing games at Coulee Con. It was a fun event and we’re looking forward to finishing out our summer event schedule with just a few more appearances. Keep checking back to find out where you can meet us!

Coulee Con

Hey everybody! Chris and I are getting ready for Coulee Con in LaCrosse this Saturday. Are you coming? You’ll have a chance to talk with us about StoneRow, learn the game and even play a hand or two. There will also be loads of other games for you to try in this fun, family-friendly environment. I’m […]

Port Fun Fest

We had a fabulous time at the Port Fun Fest on Saturday. Thank you to the event coordinators and everyone who helped make this a success. The StoneRow team especially enjoyed the donuts and the splash pad! It was great fun and we look forward to participating again next year ^_^ Chris and I met a bunch of […]

Join Us At Celebrate Plover!

We are halfway to the weekend and looking for some good news after days of storm clean up. I hope you all made it through without too much damage. As promised, Chris and I have come up with a list of events that we will be attending. First up is Celebrate Plover Saturday, July 27th. […]

Having Fun at Arbor Creek

Thanks to the efforts of a friend and enthusiastic fan of our game, Chris and I found ourselves teaching StoneRow to seven residents of Arbor Creek apartments this week. We had a lovely time teaching them all how to play and judging by the smiles, I think they had fun too. We’ve decided there just […]