News & Updates for StoneRow

Enter the Dungeon with DM Coach Ski

A magical game exists where you and your friends can create and do anything that your imagination desires. Whether you wish to slay a dragon or take over a corrupt […]

The Exciting Interactive Adventure Finale!

We’ve made it to the end of our adventure and we absolutely wouldn’t have had as much fun without all the awesome support of our voters, who helped choose the […]

Our Story Needs YOU!

Hey guys! Chris and I are working on an interactive fiction experience over on our Facebook page. Each day we write a piece of the story and you get to […]

Day 2 of Interactive Fiction!

Decisions have been made and the fans over at Wheel of Cheese Adventures have spoken! Day two continues the story we’ve begun and gives us another exciting chapter in this […]

Come Help Us Write a Story!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I’ll take just a quick moment to catch everyone up. Chris and I, together with another writer, have started to create Dungeons […]

Grinding Gears Video is Here!

It’s here, it’s here!! Chris and I have put together a video to help explain those new Grinding Gears rules. With a few extra cards, the Grinding Gears add-on takes […]

TeslaCon 2019

Chris and I had a phenomenal time at TeslaCon. We’d like to thank the Steampunk community for taking us under their wings and showing us the ropes… and the pulleys… […]

#GrindingGears Winners!

I just announced the winners of our two Grinding Gears Edition add-on packs through our Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us through liking/sharing/commenting or […]

You Could Win !!

Hello StoneRow family! I can finally announce that our newest additions to the game have arrived! We’re calling this expansion our Grinding Gears Edition in honor of our upcoming appearance […]

Extra Life Tabletop Event

Chris and I will be playing StoneRow at Galaxy Comics and Games in Stevens Point this Sunday. Playing StoneRow is fun and playing it for a good cause makes it […]