You Could Win !!

Hello StoneRow family!

I can finally announce that our newest additions to the game have arrived! We’re calling this expansion our Grinding Gears Edition in honor of our upcoming appearance at TeslaCon 10: Murder on the Orient Express

Because it’s us, and because we love turning everything into a game, we’ve decided to make the reveal of our new cards an opportunity for some fun. Chris has blurred the image of our Displacer and Golddigger cards.

For every interaction (like, comment, or share) we will slowly reveal more of the image…

But that’s not all!

On October 29th we will put the names of everyone who participated in our photo reveal into a random drawing and choose two people who will receive a free set of expansion cards. (If you don’t already have the base deck we’ll throw that in too.)

***How to score an entry into our drawing***
1 entry for a “like/heart/wow… etc” on this post
2 entries for a comment or a photo you add to this post
3 entries for sharing this post on your page

So come one, let’s just have fun with this!

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